Stephanie's First book

Gilded Shadows

 Is our in stores now.

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Regarding the release of my first novel:


     I know what people expect to hear: the excitement, the joy, even the overwhelming overload of emotion that floods when you see those words you took from your brain and, with the best tools at your disposal, attempted to put them into a form that will make lodge them into the brains of others.

And I did feel that that, especially the overwhelmed part. So I went to our local bookstore to see my book there, nestled amongst its kin on the shelves.                 I even took a picture. And when I did, an epiphany flooded in.

     Writers write alone. The creation process works best that way. But it took so much more than myself to get Gilded Shadows where it is. Editors, artists, marketers, and readers: each working for hours upon hours. People who had faith in me, in my work. That wasn’t the epiphany part, though.

What struck me, as I stared at all those stories surrounding mine, every book on those shelves, EVERY one, was the product of not only the dreamers who put those words to paper, but also the works of nameless others, the helpers placing their faith in each of those books. Every story on that shelf has more than the tale between the book covers. They have stories behind those stories, ones we will never know.

     I had already grown to appreciate the process that goes beyond creating the story but now I felt more. I felt a connection. And I did not feel I had created alone.



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